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Advanced Course

Advanced course is designed to transform the you in to professional JavaScript Fullstack developers. Complete the foundation course and assignments then apply.

Advanced Level (MEARN Stack)

The selected candidates from foundation training will be going through the advanced-level course. The course will transform the candidates into professional JavaScript Fullstack developers.

What is a JavaScript Fullstack developer?  There are many aspects of application/software development such as User Interface, Data Storing, Data Control. A developer who can work with all the above mentioned aspects is called a Fullstack developer, A Fullstack not necessarily be master in all but can be jack of all and master at one.

MEARN Stack is one of the most popular Technology Stack. It is used to develop a Full Stack Web Application. Although it is a Stack of different technologies, all of these are based on JavaScript language.

MEARN Stands for:

  • M – MongoDB
  • E – Express
  • R – ReactJS
  • N – Node.js

In this course we are focusing on learning MEARN stack.

Below is the detailed curriculum :

  • ReactJS

Course outline

  • Approx. 16 sessions
  • 10+ Mini Projects
  • Online support on Discord
  • 4 Months Duration

Join the developers community

By joining the Discord server you will be able get help from us. Also this enables you to be part of the community and enjoy the benefits of working together.